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Our consultancy services encompass a diverse array of fields, with a current emphasis on the thriving leisure industry. Over the years, we have established an impressive track record, contributing to numerous major projects for renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ed Sheeran, Indochine, Stromae, and more. In these projects, we assume responsibility for ensuring the mechanical stability of the stage.

Furthermore, our involvement extends to innovative ventures in virtual studios and large-scale booth construction. Actively engaging in the global amusement park industry, we critically assess and review new attractions. Our services also span across offshore, manufacturing, plastics, automotive, construction, chemical industries, and beyond. Project durations vary, ranging from a few days to a year, depending on complexity. Due to escalating demand, we are actively seeking:

Structural Engineer: (ir. or ing. in Civil Engineering)

As a structural engineer, you play a pivotal role in executing diverse calculations, often leveraging advanced computer simulations. Ideally, you hold a degree in Civil Engineering, with or without professional experience. Proficiency in CAE software, particularly programs like Scia Engineer or similar tools, is a significant advantage. Knowledge of Eurocodes is also a valuable asset.

Mechanical Engineer: (ir. or ing. in Mechanical Engineering)

As a mechanical engineer, you are tasked with performing various calculations, typically utilizing computer simulations (FEA) for diverse applications and materials. Your responsibilities extend beyond calculations to actively contributing to alternative solutions, designs, exploring and applying new methods, guiding tests and prototyping, and critically reviewing technical documents. Ideally, you are an engineer specializing in (electro)mechanics or mechanical engineering, with or without experience. Proficiency in general-purpose CAE software is a plus. A broad knowledge and/or interest in design standards (Eurocode, ASME, DNV, FKM, etc.) are also crucial.

Amusement Rides Engineer: (ir. or ing.)

In collaboration with TÜV Nord, we seek a versatile engineer with a passion for attractions. You will evaluate new ride designs in collaboration with manufacturers, specializing in simulations and calculations. Following a training period, you will conduct field inspections during commissioning and at regular intervals. Responsibilities include verifying adherence to approved designs, conducting tests to verify accelerations, and ensuring critical components comply with design, calculations, and applicable standards. You may be an engineer in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or (electro)mechanics, with or without experience. Experience and/or interest in simulations, standards, and testing are advantageous.

Proficiency in both English and Dutch is required for the positions mentioned above. Knowledge of German or French is an asset but not mandatory.

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